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About Alex

Alex's spirit animal is Theodore Roosevelt.

Alex is a graduate of Troy Athens High School and the University of Michigan, with a Master of Construction Management from FIU.

In his travels, Alex has:

  • Worked as a roofer in the summertime
  • Sold supplemental insurance in mid-Michigan
  • Supported live video streaming software in the Florida Keys
  • Studied hard in the Miami-Homestead area
  • Managed construction projects in Fort Collins, CO
  • Set up project management processes and software in Fort Collins, CO
  • Got married to the wonderful Kat and had a beautiful baby, Judy
  • Flipped a townhouse while working full-time
  • Killed a man with his bare hands, and killed a bear with his man hands
  • Motorcycled cross-country and couch-surfed along the way
  • Finished every half-remodeled home in Fort Collins himself
  • Took search-and-rescue training so he could volunteer rescuing folks in the Rockies and shit

Alex is a steadfast and kind friend, and Brad is honored to have him as his best man.


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