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This event is expressly by invitation only, with RSVP required.

Come join us to celebrate! Italian dinner and lots of ambiance.

Dress code

Dressy casual preferred? Like, what you’d wear to go to a nice dinner, knowing that some people there will be really dressed up, but other people might just be in their nicest jeans. A sweet spot between there that matches your personality.

If you want to wear a white dress, you can, though it is after Labor Day, so… All we ask is that you don’t wear anything outrageous.

Gifts and other things

It’s not a big venue, so please do not bring in any gifts or other large items without discussing it with us first.


When we get kicked out of Pop’s, we’re all 100% definitely going to Rosie O’Grady’s across the street for some nightcaps and dancing. Please bring your dancing shoes, and join us if you can stay out that late.